I offer individual and couples therapy and consultation in Boston.  

My work with individuals depends on what my client is confronting and needs to accomplish. I am trained in psychoanalysis and this is reflected in my sensitivity to how the past makes the present understandable. Nonetheless, I recognize that a person's problems are in the present subject to all the opportunities and dilemmas of current life.

With couples who need a place to reconcile, mourn, or find new ways of being together, I try to establish a common ground for shared communication. I also help people negotiate a reasonable separation if that proves necessary and possible.  Sometimes this means I follow and referee, sometimes I offer direct advice and coach, but in all cases I work so that each person has a clear and empathetic understanding of the other.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call my office at (617) 680-8000 or contact me at:


Consultations via a secure Zoom link can be arranged.  My fee is $325 per 50 minute session payable at the time of service. 

Psychotherapy & Consultation

My office is located at 82 Marlborough Street, Boston, 02116